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Things to see and do in Jacksonville, Florida

A trip to Florida is unlikely to include a visit to Jacksonville on your tour. Between Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Miami’s heavenly beaches, it’s easy to miss a city of just 800,000. However, there is a big list of things to do in Jacksonville: list of activities is ideal for any lover of culture, sports, and nature, since in addition to being a huge city in terms of surface, this place is also full of amazing things to do.

Castaway Island Preserve Nature Park

Thanks to hundreds of associations that include conservation areas, water management, and care departments, and national park services, the urban park system have managed to expand from 121.41 km² to 323.75 km². With so much beauty around, the parks tell almost inconceivable historical and cultural stories. From forests to ponds, trails guide visitors to any type of vegetation. This site is ideal for both families and nature lovers and offers a different perspective of the United States, something that can hardly be appreciated in the great metropolises.

Cummer Gardens and Art Museum

Statues, trails, ponds, and much more await visitors in search of picturesque photographs within walking distance of the bustle of the city. The views above the water are stunning. The gardens are well-maintained and are a pleasant walk for anyone wanting to discover what’s behind every corner. The fountains and paths are very peculiar because they exhibit different monuments and statues. This attraction is perfect for those interested in local history or looking for new and inspiring landscapes.

Little Talbot Island State Park

Starfish, horseshoe crabs, and sharks inhabit spas. It is a special place to visit with your friends or family; It also offers the perfect setting for weddings or special events to become magical experiences. A small fee of $ 5 is worth it in exchange for a daydreamed of picnics, barbecues, and camping.

Big Talbot Island State Park

For just three dollars, come visit in the summer months to see hundreds of bird species that inhabit the area. Beautiful white pelicans, herons, and storks move freely around the place. Take your time to walk on the beach and observe the exotic species that surround you. Boneyard Beach is a pristine seaside resort where you can walk and reflect without being disturbed by anything or anyone. There’s no question why this place is on Jacksonville’s list of featured attractions. Consider hosting a picnic or a walk; We are sorry to tell you that camping is not allowed here.