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Based on the various insights of SEO Professionals, we have built an exclusive tool that will help the SEO analyst to increase their versatility. Elite Site Optimizer (ESO) is a new innovative SEO Analysis tool, focused on Keyword Ranking Analysis, Mobile ranking analysis and many other capabilities.

- Instant Keyword Ranking
- Ranking for bulk Keywords
- Keyword Ranking Based on different Search Engines
- Keyword Ranking based on different locale
- Site Audit Report
- On Page Element Extractor & Comparison with Competitors.
- Internal Link Checker - Information on broken links, server error links etc
- Missed Opportunity Report - SEO Value loss by the website in Search Engine
- Backlink Checker - Provide you the information on backlink compare with Competitors
- Custom Report Builder - Can customize or white label the reports
- Site Monitoring Tool - Alert the website owner on website down time
- Social Signal Tracking
- Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tool integration
- Keyword and Page performance in Google Search Engine
- Branded and Non Branded Keyword performance in Google Search Engine
- Traffic analysis based on search engine, pages, social media

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Elite Site Optimizer - SEO Analytic Tool

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