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Here is the spoiler for the November GlobeIn Club!

We have the first spoiler for the November Artisan Box! Each Giving Box will come with:

Hand Painted Serving Dish by Le Souk Ceramique, Tunisia, (Retail $30.)

Materials: Stoneware clay.
Measurements: 10" in diameter, 2" deep.
Care instructions: Hand-wash only.

Suggested use: Fill with a heaping platter of something hot and delicious!

November 2016 Giving Box photos
About the Artisan

Mohamed Ali is a member of the Le Souk team whom you'll often find nearby a large tub of glaze into which he submerges the delicate ceramics-the last vital step before firing the kiln.

Sadly, this is Mohamed's last year with Le Souk. Not so sadly, his time with the company has opened a gateway toward even greener pastures, and he will soon be joining his extended family on their farm. With the money Mohamed has saved up, his family can now afford to put their fallow land to use.

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