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What is RFID?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) refers to a small transmitting device that can be embedded in an object (e.g. credit card) and transmits information from that object to a reading device, such as a grocery store scanner. RFID technology is utilized in many household devices, including passports and credit cards.

What are the Risks of RFID? -

Cards that have RFID can be convenient, but are at risk of Electronic Pickpocketing. Electronic Pickpocketing is the theft of your personal information using scanners that read RFID information from a distance without ever touching your purse or wallet.

For added protection, we recommend setting up alerts to monitor your accounts, regularly practicing general security consciousness, and purchasing our Security and RFID-blocking products to reduce the risk of wirelesses pickpocketing theft.

Right now, all of our brands are offering 30% off our SecureMyID RFID-blocking products.

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Connie Haley Sweet Morsels Checks We are excited to introduce new designs by Connie Haley! Haley has been a high performer at 4Checks and we wanted to share the love by bringing her unique artistic talents to Checks Unlimited.

Haley is known for her beautiful imagery, which is created by combining and layering patterns, textures, and digital painting in original and creative ways. She produces colorful, detailed artwork which is apparent in the three new check designs that have been created and are ready for sale now at

Sweet Morsels - Check writing just got a little sweeter! Sweet Morsels checks and accessories feature beautiful illustrations of scrumptious desserts.

Owls - These owl checks are a hoot! Each check features whimsical owls.

Forest Friends - Journey through the forest with these adorably cute woodland creatures, including a fox, hedgehog, raccoon and frog.

Designed to be the lightest shoe on the market with Italian design and California comfort.
Complete Tuxedo Packages Starting at just $129.95 at

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